Zone 7b non-rosacea fruit trees

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Zone 7b non-rosacea fruit trees and bushes with pink or mauve flower.

I planted it at first. I forgot about it in a container. Then I thought I may want to have more of this one in the future. So I transplanted it. The soil is quite dry here. I am hoping to have more humidity soon.

I planted it at first. I forgot about it in a container. Then I thought I may want to have more of this one in the future. So I transplanted it. The soil is quite dry here. I am hoping to have more humidity soon.

I know you have been working very hard since we last chatted. Hope you are not getting tired. It's been 6 months since we chatted.

I have planted a lot of succulents over the past 6 months. The plants that I have are:

Aloe plants

Jade plants

Aloe leaves with flowers

Tuberous plants

I have not tried planting succulents from seed yet. But I did buy one plant from a store. I think that I will try planting it next year. It would be a good idea for all the children in my area to learn how to plant seedlings. That would mean that we have more native plants. We can grow plants in different places.

I did not plant this plant the first time. It has gone from being a seedling, to a plant, to a young tree. Then to be a small tree and now to this point. We have a few more plants growing. We are getting new plants in the future. There will be many succulents in our garden.

Hope you and your husband are healthy now and looking forward to planting season. Hope you are not tired. We will be busy planting too.

It has been over a year since I talked to you. Last year I did not get too many fruit plants. My mom gave me an organic pear tree. I put the plant in pots and moved it to our back porch.I watered it daily and also fertilized it once. It was small so I kept the pots filled with soil. The fruit came this year. The fruit is ready to eat. I am having a very good year of fruit plants. We do not have lots of berries yet. The berries are very small.

I have 3 Aloe plants. I water them daily. I also fertilize them once a month. I have also added the fertilized water. I have 2 Aloe leaves with flowers. The flowers are a mix of pink and purple.

The soil of all the succulents that I have planted has been from the outside. I have used a potting soil or so.

I can only tell you about the Aloe plants and how we got them. This is our second year growing Aloes. The first year we only had 2 Aloe leaves. The second year we had more. Last year we had more. This year we have all the Aloes. Last year we had several Aloe plants growing out of our back patio. This year the Aloe plants are growing in a pot.

My husband loves Aloes. He was very excited when he found them in his neighbor's yard and brought them home. I do not mind Aloes. They are not a fussy plant to care for. When you water them, you do not have to do much to them. I do not see why Aloes should be a fussy plant to care for. I am very lucky to have 2 Aloes to take care of.

We plant succulents from the outside. This is our second year. The succulents that we got are from a local shop. They are not fussy. This is a good garden with some fussy plants.

Soak the plants in a solution of water and 1 part Epsom Salt to 9 parts of water for 10 minutes. The Epsom salt will draw the roots up. Wash them off with clean water. This is the most fussy way of watering succulents. It is hard to get all the dirt off. If you get water on them, it will cause the dirt to dry out. Dirt also makes the succulents hard to grow.

After the succulents dry, you can mist them with a hose. Just spray on the leaves of the succulents. Use a spray bottle and a spray nozzle. Make sure to spray the leaves but not the stem.I use one that comes with a hose.

If you live in a sunny climate, do not spray the succulents during the day. If you live in an area where you do not get a lot of sunshine, it may be easier to spray the succulents at night.

If you have more than one plant, it is easier to spray the whole pot.

I found out that my pot is plastic. If your pot is plastic, just spray the plant. If it is clay or pottery, then you will need to soak the plant. I have used Epsom salt to soak the clay pot succulents. This makes the water easier to soak into the clay pot. I did not mix the Epsom salt with water. I just added the Epsom salt to the water. The clay pots are porous. I believe that the salt will not go all the way into the clay pot.

Use a sponge to sprinkle the Epsom salt on the pot. You will need to water the soil while the succulents soak in the salt solution. In some cases, the pots will be full of soil. This will prevent water from getting in the soil. Do not spray the pot. Just pour water into the pot. It may not get to all of the soil.

I use a water bottle to pour water into the pots. You may be able to use a smaller glass to pour water into the pots. I used a plastic bottle.

In some cases, you will need to keep the succulents soaked in the salt solution for 24 hours. I would try soaking them for 12 hours. It will not hurt them to soak for 12 hours. I am usually able to take care of plants this way.

If you need to soak the succulents for more than 12 hours, you will need to let them dry. You will need to keep the pots of succulents out of the sunlight. This means that you will need to cover the pots with a plastic bag. When you have soaked the pots, you will need to allow the pots to dry. You will need to keep them out of the direct sunlight.

This is why it is easier to soak the succulents in the evening. This will allow them to dry overnight. In the morning, you can bring them back inside.

Succulents may feel a bit stiff when you return them to

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