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If a landscaper knows, from the beginning, exactly how much money they have to work with, they can be honest with you right from the start. You may not have enough cash on hand to afford your absolute dream garden, but a landscaper can look at options you have to save money, and offer you suggestions as to how you can reduce your landscaping costs. From getting your hands dirty with DIY jobs you can complete yourself to using alternative materials, Dale Vine shares his top landscaping tips for transforming your garden on a budget. Often this involves using some clever alternatives, so you can still get what you want without blowing out the budget. A lot of savings can be achieved by using alternative materials, such as compacted toppings instead of paved or concreted surfaces — which will also dramatically reduce labour costs to get the project completed.

  • Designers can save or bust garden budgets
  • How to Estimate Landscaping Jobs in 7 Steps: A Simple Guide
  • How much do you charge for your services?
  • 10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Landscaping Budget
  • Setting a Marketing Budget for your Landscaping Business
  • Garden landscaping cost guide – How much does landscape gardening cost?
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Designers can save or bust garden budgets

Australian House and Garden. Looking to landscape your garden but have no idea about the costs involved? Obviously the cost of landscaping will be determined by the scale of work, design and your plant and material choice.There a huge difference between putting in a few new plants and building garden beds to incorporating hardscaping into your garden design. Once you've worked out exactly what you want to do, you may realise you can't quite afford your absolute dream garden, but a landscaper can look at budget-friendly alternatives and offer you suggestions as to how you can reduce your costs.

Here landscaper Dale Vine runs through some of the general costs you'll incur when you are landscaping your garden as well as some budget landscaping ideas to help you transform your garden for less.

A hardscaped area, such as a fire pit or outdoor dining area , is a common request from homeowners during initial consultations. As great as these areas look, though, most homeowners wouldn't use these spaces very frequently once construction has been completed. On the other hand, for the savvy renovator, these beautiful outdoor areas do appeal to potential buyers who want a ready-to-go entertainers' home, and such additions can definitely add more value to a property when it comes time to sell.

For that reason, I would never say these feature areas are a waste of money — but they are indeed a luxury. Natural stone hardscapes sit right at the top of the pricing list, and rightly so. These materials are naturally sourced, mined, and then cut to size, and contain a natural beauty that is impossible to recreate using concrete, plastic or any other material.

Stone paving, such as bluestone, sandstone or slate, when used in gardens and professionally installed by a landscaper, always looks magnificent, and the money spent is easily justified.

For smaller areas, I would definitely recommend the extra expense of these materials compared to cheaper options such as concrete pavers. Across larger areas, however, the cost difference quickly adds up. Large format concrete pavers are an alternative to completely concreting an area.Similarly, as an easy way to create some wow factor, I would suggest using natural stone for a feature wall whether dry stack or wet-lay when retaining or separating outdoor areas, rather than a cheaper option such as timber sleepers with steel uprights.

Again, this is a luxury element, so for the average homeowner, it is far easier to justify as an extra expense when it is used sparingly, or in a smaller area. When it comes to traffic areas, consider what sort of traffic you'll be dealing with. Areas where there is only foot traffic might simply require a compacted topping as a finish, and perhaps a compacted crushed rock base as a subsurface.

If cars and other vehicles will be using the area, you'll need a concrete subsurface or finished surface. Crushed-rock subsurfaces i. Compacted toppings or loose stone areas often reduce the need for surface drainage, since they — unlike concrete and paving — are permeable surfaces, which means rainwater can still penetrate through into the ground and drain away naturally.

Paved or concrete surfaces can generate run-off or pooling of water, and they nearly always require the addition of a drain or drains — another extra cost. Stepping stones in organic shapes add pattern and texture to your garden design. Photo: Derek Swalwell. For peace of mind, regardless of what the surface is, when it is close to a home's foundations, I always recommend incorporating at least an agricultural pipe a flexible, corrugated drainage pipe with holes in it to collect water connected to the stormwater drain.

For paths, compacted toppings with inset stone steppers don't cost nearly as much to install as full paving or concreting, yet still offer a desirable feature, so this is an option worth considering if you want the 'wow' without the big bucks. Smaller plants, rather than mature ones, can save you money if you don't mind waiting for them to grow.

In the long run, they'll be stronger, too, because they take root in the soil from a younger age, giving them a greater hold.

With strong, deep roots, they're also less likely to get blown over in strong winds once they do reach maturity, and will be less reliant on watering as their deeper roots are able to extract more moisture from deep within the soil. Just how much difference can purchasing smaller plants make to your budget? Here are some general price comparisons, just to give you an idea.

It doesn't require a mathematics degree to work out that if you're on a limited budget, it can be far more economical to buy smaller plants and trees and take good care of them in their early stages of life. An established crepe myrtle provides shade and colour in this Melbourne garden. Photo: Lisbeth Grosmann. If your budget stretches a little further, it is a good design idea to buy some key mature plants — ones that can create shade or add a focal point in the garden — then fill the spaces in between with some fast-growing species that will eventually catch up.

When you're planting mature trees , they will need to be staked for around two spring-growth periods to help support their height and weight after being planted until their new roots have grown and provide enough stability and strength. After that time, remember to remove the stakes, otherwise the trees can begin to depend on them for support rather than taking root properly themselves, which can cause stability problems later on.

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How to Estimate Landscaping Jobs in 7 Steps: A Simple Guide

This website uses cookies. Read more about cookies here. Continued use will be considered as consent. The landscaping cost of any of these jobs can be influenced by the size of the garden, ease of access, and where you live. The reason why property location is relevant is that landscapers, like contractors in general, charge different rates for different country regions. After all, this work is to essentially replace the previous garden. You may choose to hire a skip, in which case, for every yard of length provided by the skip, it will hold about ten bags of waste.

As far as small backyard landscape ideas on a budget, this is one of the easiest, most affordable ideas out there. You can choose to make.

How much do you charge for your services?

When you first walk or drive up to a home, one of the first things you notice is the landscaping. Are there a lot of plants in the yard, or does the homeowner go for a more minimalist approach? Is there a stone walkway that leads to the front door? We may not always realize it, but landscaping can reveal a lot about our homes and ourselves. Grass Can Be Overrated First, consider ditching the grass. A shocking proposal from a landscape design company, we know. But fresh grass sod can cost up to 35 cents per square foot, and if you have a big yard, that money adds up quickly.These plants grow quickly and are not majorly affected by the weather.

10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Landscaping Budget

D esigning a landscape that suits your home, as well as your budget, is an important part of home ownership. Regardless of the size of your property, beautiful landscaping adds value to your property. Before undertaking a landscaping renovation or upgrade, spend some time assessing your wants and needs and understanding the cost drivers for a project of this size. A budget is an itemized description of anticipated expenses for your landscaping project.

Some aspects of workplace budgeting are easier than others. When it comes to maintaining your landscaping, accurately estimating the amount of money you will need each year can be a challenge.

Setting a Marketing Budget for your Landscaping Business

How to do Landscaping On a Budget? So landscaping practice is very crucial for any home. However like all other things you would like to do the work on a budget. So here are the ways of doing the landscaping on your budget. There are things that you should not neglect while planning for landscaping. Before starting the actual work, look for any issues that are present in the lawn and try to rectify them.

Garden landscaping cost guide – How much does landscape gardening cost?

Planning your snow removal budget for the winter is tricky. You want to make sure your contract covers all your winter needs. But what are your winter needs? And the big question: how much to budget for snow removal? How to create a winter-proof snow removal budget? Joey Schneider, branch manager at Level Green Landscaping, offers some helpful tips. First things first. How much does it usually snow around here?

How much time do you want to spend maintaining your landscape? Some people want a beautiful property with minimal upkeep. Others take great pleasure in.

Love Home Improvement News? You're in the right place, carry on reading the Onlinetradesmen Blog for the latest home improvement news, trends, advice plus more from the qualified tradesmen and professionals of Ireland. If you're a trade professional or tradesman hop over to Ireland's leading Tradesmen and Construction News section. The cost of your landscaping project will depend on the features you want to include and the size of the space you want to transform.

Huston Consulting. Well, that contractor did, in fact, end up adding many more clients because his market was particularly competitive. Huston suggests a bottom-up approach that will give you a minimum price to charge for services. Find your break-even point: Add your direct costs and overhead.

We all know that the average cost of landscaping design will vary depending on the type of work required. Landscape design is the process of combining elements in a garden or landscape, such as plants, hard surfaces such as paving slabs , structures such as walls and pergolas , to make an attractive or functional whole landscape.

Summer months in Winnipeg are short, which makes each summer day very valuable. One of the best ways to enjoy our special summer months is Summer months in Winnipeg are fleeting, which makes each summer day that much more valuable. One of the best ways to spend these special times is by enjoying it in a custom-designed backyard paradise. Imagine having your very own outdoor living space, designed by studio b, with all the amenities and luxuries tailored to suit your lifestyle. Though the majority of us have cash flow limits, we can work within your budget by extending the project timeline through phasing.

Now, of course no one is saying that you have to spend within that range — it could be less if there are budget constraints, and it could be more if you have higher expectations of how you plan to use your outdoor space.One person who often speaks on this area is television landscape and gardening expert Carson Arthur. So where do you start when thinking about making such a substantial investment in your property? A good plan will allow you to complete your project in stages if needed.


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