F4 meteor garden vs boys over flowers

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F4 meteor garden vs boys over flowers

Here it goes….Having spend several years developing my original 18.05 / 18.4 mesh for meteor shower chasing I am starting over again to work on a more definite meteor shadow mesh.

Meteor Shower / White Fogs

Based on the original “Ponabesh” 18.04 meteor mesh, I am going to start over with a mesh size of 18.5 in diameter to more evenly spread the effect across North America and the Southern U.S. As an added bonus I can eliminate the dead-zone the original mesh had on the west coast of North America.

And, while the 24 hr average meteor radiant does not directly affect the effect on the ground (although it may indirectly be a cause), I felt it was a good idea to start over from scratch to really present the full effect of a meteoric shower.

I have chosen the imagery from California’s Santa Rosa Mt. St. Helena for my mesh. I am using the Pacific Time/Radiant Time zone tool here to define an 18.5 radius around the current time of 10:37 AM MST on Dec. 22, 2014. This definition can be extended to include even more stars if desired by using the Radial Time Warp Tool at the bottom of the screen:

To accomplish this I will be using two new particles:

Kartegion. Will radiate toward the observer from the center of the mesh.

Martix will radiate outward from a given point on the mesh to create the meteorites.

I will be using the skyboxes referenced above as a first pass by adding a new shader that will work with the ortho texturing and the familiar 18.04 mesh.

The 18.05 mesh being developed in a later post should incorporate the same technique with some key differences based on ground optics.

Before I go any further, here is an image that shows the concept in place:

And here is a movie showing the process of building the sun texture:

Next step, just like with the original 18.04 mesh, is to make sure the mesh is cut as uniformly as possible. By using the “cutting tool” I can make sure the mesh does not “step” across the mesh.

Now is the time to change the material used for the skyboxes. Based on the original mesh, I selected the “skybox” material from my clouds collection (file names 18.05–Kartegion–t2.24.cda, 18.05–Martix–t2.25.cda). I cut and paste these materials to an empty inventory slot and assign them to a new shader for the meteor mesh as well. Once these materials are assigned, all the numbers and sliders should be checked in the “Material” tab.

Next, set the “Sun Shading” to something other than “texture” as I will have to remove all these textures from the shader.

We are now ready to begin the main part of the shader process.

The key to creating a good meteor shower mesh is to make sure the terrain is not included in the mesh at all. Instead of modeling the ground or sky boxes in advance as was done with the 18.04 mesh, we are going to use the “bake” option to create a particle volume of air that will support the “rays” of the meteor in 3D space.

This means that instead of making a rectangular mesh with a surface and a volume, we will need to make a sphere with an even surface of the mesh and no volume. To accomplish this the editor needs to be set to spherical.

Creating a sphere is straight forward. Below is a wireframe image of the mesh in wireframe mode.

The next step is to rotate the mesh 90 degrees from the “camera” view (looking down toward the center of the mesh) as shown in the image below.

With the mesh rotated this way, we can begin adding a particle volume.

To get started we need to create the region that will contain the mesh.In this case I have used a sphere so the radius will be 10 (although this can be changed if you like):


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