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Bulb Home. Why Sword Lily, you might ask? It's because of their long, sword-like leaves. But, Glads are not members of the lily family. Whatever you like to call them, their showy spikes make them one of the more popular flowers grown in the home flower garden. Gladiolus are native to the mountains of South America.

  • How to grow glamorous gladiolus
  • Tips and Growing Instructions: Gladiolus
  • How To Plant Gladiolus – A Step by Step Guide
  • How do I overwinter gladiolus bulbs?
  • Gladiolus Not Flowering? (How to Solve it)
  • Gladiolus Growing Guide
  • Gladiolus Plant Guide: How to Grow and Care for Gladiolus Flower

How to grow glamorous gladiolus

National Gardening Week. Budding Young Gardener. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll email you a new password. Flax Phormium spp. Great for large pots or en-masse in garden beds.

English Daisy flowers come in single or double forms in colours of pink, red and white. Ideal in pots or in the garden as a border plant or en masse. Echinacea is a hardy herbaceous perennial with large fragrant pink daisy-like flowers.

Used for therapeutic purposes and as a delicious tea. Bright pink, purple, and white blooms prolifically cover this flowering annual in spring and summer. They're easy to grow and are perfectly suited to garden beds, borders and pots. Specially formulated to grow all types of flowers. A complete plant food enriched with natural fish, seaweed, humates, molasses and more - boosted with NPK to improve plant and soil vitality.

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Growing Community. Email Address If you are already a member of the Yates Garden Club, use the same email address you originally joined with. Create an account. Keep me logged in. Forgot password? Back to login. Share Share this article on social media. Gladiolus or Sword Lilly Gladioli spp.

Generally flowering in early summer, their tall flower spikes with orchid like blooms in an array of bright and cheerful colours, provide a great backdrop for those gorgeous summer days. How to grow gladiolus in a garden Choose a spot in the garden that receives full sun, has well-drained soil and is protected from any strong winds. Place the bulb directly where the plant is to grow at a depth of 10cm and 20cm apart.

Cover with soil and water in well. Keep the soil nice and moist, ensuring not to overwater. How to grow gladiolus in a pot Choose a well-drained spot in the garden that receives full sun and is protected from strong winds. Fill the pot with Yates Premium Potting Mix.

Place the bulb directly into the pot at a depth of 10cm. Growing tips These bulbs perform well when planted in clumps and if planted along side dwarf flowering annuals will give you a lovely display when in bloom. Make sure that you stake these before the flower buds appear. After planting, it can take 90 to days before flowers appear. To reduce any loss, especially in the hotter weather, try to plant out as early as possible in the late winter or spring to reduce heat stress.

In warmer districts, you can plant out in May to September to avoid the hotter weather in summer. Corms bulbs can be lifted once the plant starts to yellow and die off. This is generally around weeks after the last flowers have appeared.Once the corms have been lifted, allow the leaves to dry out then cut them off as close to the base of the corm as you can, without damaging the corm and store in a cool dry place.

More Plants. Flax Flax Phormium spp. English Daisy English Daisy flowers come in single or double forms in colours of pink, red and white. Echinacea Echinacea is a hardy herbaceous perennial with large fragrant pink daisy-like flowers. Virginian Stock Bright pink, purple, and white blooms prolifically cover this flowering annual in spring and summer. View more plants. Recommended products.

Tips and Growing Instructions: Gladiolus

Gladiolus does not flower when planted in too much shade, damp soil or if it has suffered from frost damage the previous Winter. Gladiolus requires well draining soil and Winter protection to flower properly. Too much fertilizer can also prevent gladiolus from flowering. Gladiolus typically take around months from planting the bulbs known as corms to displaying flowers. Flowering is often weather dependent with heavy rain and overcast days during Summer resulting in far fewer flowers. Keeping reading to establish the cause of why your gladiolus and how to promote gladiolus flowering…. All gladiolus varieties require a location of full sun with 6 hours or more of direct light.

Growing tips · These bulbs perform well when planted in clumps and if planted along side dwarf flowering annuals will give you a lovely display when in bloom.

How To Plant Gladiolus – A Step by Step Guide

The word Gladiolus is derived from the Latin word Gladius, that means a sword. Gladiolus is by far the best suited bulbous plant in India. Read more about how to design a flowerbed. Gladiolus is planted from corms which are commonly called bulbs. These bulbs are available in various sizes. A medium sized bulb with high crown top is better than a large flat bulb.It is better to get bulbs sprouted before planting by keeping them in the dark, warm place covered with black polyethene or by buying the bulbs in 5- 7. After sprouting, planting can be done in beds or pots.

How do I overwinter gladiolus bulbs?

The graceful sword lily — or gladiolus, as we know it best — is a true gift to the summer garden. Few other flowers offer such showy tall spires of blooms, and the range of colours is huge, covering the brightest of shades as well as the softer pastel spectrum. Gladdies are more than just a flower shop bloom — they are fabulous planted in garden beds, especially as tall background plants, and like all bulbs, they are ultra easy to grow. So if you are after something to replace all those spring blooms that looked so beautiful just a couple of months back, take a fresh look at growing gladiolus. Hybridising has become a hot topic among horticulture enthusiasts, and new and glamorous varieties continue to pop up, many with bicoloured flowers.

Growing gladioli flower gardens is easy even for beginners.

Gladiolus Not Flowering? (How to Solve it)

The range is huge gladioli. The color scheme is almost complete, it is difficult to find a color that is not in Diversity. Varieties also vary in size and shape of a flower. The edges of the flowers can be smooth, wavy. There are early and late varieties.

Gladiolus Growing Guide

Majestic towers of colour, they are certainly no wallflowers. But these seemingly robust blooms will need some special care and attention if you are to get the best from them and enjoy their beauty for longer. When you are buying your blooms, choose blooms that are not yet fully open to enjoy your spoils for longer. Growers usually harvest them in the morning or evening when it's cooler so that they will last longer.Remove the leaves from the bottom of the spike — in other words, any foliage that would be submerged under the water in your vase, as this can lead to rotting and cause the water to stagnate more quickly. Make sure you also rinse the stems before putting them in the vase to also cleanse them from any bacteria they could pick up during transet. Cut about an inch from the base of the stem using a sharp non-serrated knife, with a single clean cut as ragged, frayed ends can lead to decay. Do this while your flowers are submerged under water to prevent air bubbles, which can be drawn up the stem and block the water supply.

Know Before You Grow: Planting gladiolus is easy. Learn all about gladiolus including How to Plant Gladiolus, When to Plant Gladiolus, and Gladiolus Care.

Gladiolus Plant Guide: How to Grow and Care for Gladiolus Flower

Plant out after all threat of frost has passed. Plant 3cm deep, 15cm apart in well-drained soil in dappled shade. Ensure adequate moisture, but do not over water. Use slow-release fertiliser and spray with fungicide for powdery mildew if required.

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Bulbs and bulb-like structures provide energy for plants to grow, bloom and complete their life cycles each year. Bulbs may be hardy spring- and early summer-flowering or tender summer-flowering. Hardy bulbs or spring flowering bulbs require a cold period to break their dormancy and begin spring flower development. Hardy bulbs are quite easy to work with, require minimal care once properly planted, and come up every spring with a wonderful show of color. Tender bulbs, including dahlias, begonias Begonia tuberosa and gladiolus, are planted in the spring for summer bloom.

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Sword lily is a genus of flowering bulbs in the Iridaceae iris family.The plant is distinguished by long, sword-shaped green leaves in upright fans and funnel-shaped flowers on slender stalks that open one at a time from bottom to top. The genus, which hails from Africa, Madagascar, and Eurasia, includes over species in a range of flower colors. Sword lilies prefer full to afternoon sun, protection from strong winds, and rich, well-drained soil; however, they will adapt to most soils except heavy clay. They thrive in damp borders so do not allow soils to dry out. The bulbs are tender so delay planting until after the last frost and the soil has had time to warm.

Growing gladioli is a brilliant way of bringing a glorious array of colours to the summer garden. And, of course, you can cut the flower spikes for indoor flower arrangements. Dig over the planting area to a depth of cm in and improve the soil with well-rotted compost, soil conditioner or planting compost to help hold plenty of moisture to ensure good quality blooms. Gladioli are available in a range of types - from dainty miniatures, graceful primulinus hybrids all the way up to giant varieties with flowers up to 15cm 6in in diameter, growing 1.


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