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During the worldwide lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic, a lot of important activities have come to a halt. However, when we look at the brighter side, all of us have more time for adding to our knowledge and insights. With this aim, to keep contributing to learning and motivation International research and development Center for publication is going to organize a two-day International Conference with the title "Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology AEB " on Dec , through online mode. We hope, this online mode of the conference in COVID pandemic will be an appreciable step in promoting the research activities and new information between researchers, developers, students, academicians and practitioners working in and around the world by keeping the social distance in view to stop the spread of COVID disease. This conference aims is to present the current researches being carried out in the field of social science and education development around the globe.

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Journal of forestry and environment

Research Interest. In he graduated with honors from the mechanical faculty of the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.Engineer at the Wellhead Equipment, where he worked sinceIn , in connection with the results of earlier research papers engaged in the activity profile and thematic community vetch Study Inventory of Land Water Resources and Dynamics of Their Changes. During the period from to , he worked in various responsible positions sector head, laboratory head, department head, technologist, company engineer, deputy plant director, plant manager, head of the scientific and technical complex ; the creation and implementation of a number of scientific and technical projects and thematic programs for agricu ltural purposes, including work carried out by a special decree CM Az.

Republic under the name "The space of the national economy of Azerbaijan, which was one of the leading experts in the direction of subjects. Design department, director of SKTB, head. I have a degree D. Taking part in the implementation of a large number of international scientific and economic projects implemented under the program FAO, ICARDA, Azerbaijan-Russia-Turkey, Azerbaijan-Poland and others, where he was executive director for development , whose work also successfully introduced agriculture in many countries: in the CIS countries and far abroad.

Research interests, agro-environmental problems of resource conservation, is the scientific leader of the same name educational, scientific and university-academic research direction, conducted jointly with a number of research institutes on the development, creation and implementation of automation systems, low intensity and optimization of irrigation in conditions of insufficient natural moisture of the territories In order to develop agriculture and mining, Azerbaijan is exploring the possibility of creating environmental neologies to combat soil erosion.

Directions of educational and methodical activities: object-oriented design of information systems technologies, remote control systems for low-intensity agricultural irrigation.

Modern distance learning technologies: Problems, perspectives, and fundamentals of irrigated agriculture on sloping lands. The initiator of the creation and implementation of new information and telecommunication remote control technology in irrigation systems and the transfer of information to consumers via the Internet or satellite communication channels.

Given their contribution to the development of agro-industrial science as a result of many years of scientific activity, in he was elected a member. Correspondent, and in a full member academician of the International Academy of Ecology and Natural Resources. In , he was elected a full member of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation on water issues.

In , he was elected RAE professor, established by the A. Nobel Medal. For significant contributions made in the development of World Science in establish ed by the Union of the Academy of Oxford, was awarded the gold medal Name in Science. Now the director of the Botany Laboratory, promoted to Professor of the University inDivision of subtropical flora in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River, physiology and ecology of key plants, mechanism of cariogenicity and biodiversity conservation, nutrient ecology of crop stress, aluminum tolerance of crops in red soil regions, and green ecology of sewage treatment in small and medium-sized cities Research on repair technology research has achieved good results and is also the focus of further research.

In recent years, he has been mainly engaged in research on nutritional physiology, ecology and molecular aspects of plant stress, focusing on the research on nutritional physiology and ecology of crops such as saplings, Jerusalem artichokes, rapeseed and soybeans under cold or aluminum tolerance conditions.Screening and technology promotion of cold-tolerant high-quality varieties, secretion process of root exudates of rapeseed, binding and transporting of root exudates of rapeseed to aluminum in aluminum, stress and physiological characteristics of soybean roots and aluminum toxicity Sites, etc.

Published more than academic papers, including more than 40 SCI papers. He is the first Egyptian researcher attended of the talented young scientist program in China. He got an opportunity for more than two international projects in Egypt as a principal investigator about Climate Changes Issues in China and Egypt.

Also, he is Assessor in the Egyptian Accreditation Council. He is a member in many scientific organizations and acts as reviewer and referee as well as board member in the field of organic agriculture and climate changes issues for different national and international journals and organizations. Also, Dr. Zakaria won many awards and he was attend a huge number of conferences, training and workshops in Egypt and other many countries in worldwide as well as he was published five scientific books and more than 45 scientific research paper.

Zakaria contributed significantly to the expansion of knowledge of organic agriculture and climate changes issues through public lectures on scientific research centers and various Egyptian and Chinese universities, and because he is principal investigator of some international and national projects he contributed significantly in helping to learn organic agriculture and climate changes and using smart climate agriculture as a new trend in the field of agriculture.

Patarkalashvili is the author of manuscripts, 16 books monographs among them with other authors. He is an editorial board member of American journals: 1. Reviewer of journals: 1.

Annals of Agrarian Science Elsevier , 2. Anthropology open access Gavin Publishers.He has experience in the area of Botany, with emphasis on Applied Botany, worked during the masters degree in the following subjects: caatinga, mycorrhizal fungi, decomposition and cycling of nutrients in managed forests.

I am interested in the biogeochemistry of carbon and nitrogen cycling and GHG emissions in natural and managed systems, and how it can be modelled. I am particularly interested in decomposition of plant material, waste resources, soil organic matter and how it depends on biotic and abiotic factors, how it affects soil fertility and how global environmental change is likely to affect it.

Scholz has shown individual excellence evidenced by world-leading publications, postgraduate supervision and research impact. His main research areas in terms of publication output are as follow: treatment wetlands, integrated constructed wetlands ICW , sustainable flood retention basins SFRB , permeable pavement systems, decision support systems, ponds and capillary suction time.

Sung-Cheol Koh Ph. His interest in theories and applications of BM beneficial microorganisms biotechnology, particularly in environmental, agricultural, aquacultural and probiotics areas. Eco-friendly treatment of wastewater and sludge reduction using CESsystem e. Valorization and recycling of industrial, agricultural and food biowastes using BM and biochar. Treatment of polluted streams, ponds and coastal environment using CES system.

A resource-saving and environment-friendly world is needed for all of us.In order to reduce the amount of ago-chemical applied in the field and meantime improve the efficiency of ago-chemical application, the technologies of variable-rate spray werestudied and the spray characteristics among PWM-based continuous, PWM-based intermittent, and pressure-based variable spray were compared, in the aspects of spray distribution pattern, spray angle, spray droplet size, spray velocity, spray specific energy, and kinetic energy median diameter so as to provide some foundation to apply these technique in various and suitable conditions of chemical application.

In order to achieve the purpose of precision chemical application, at required places, with required amount, and at the right time, some studies on spectral detection technology and Spectroscopy analysis for targeting spray have been done in the research work.

Two main parts of PCA have been involved in my research work. And I am going to do more and deeper research work on PCA. Jasmina Havranek was born in Zagreb Croatia where she finished primary school and gymnasium, graduated and obtained a doctorate from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb.

In , she was elected tenured full-professor at the same University. As the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb , she hosted many international delegations, rectors, representatives of foreign universities, faculties, organisations, agencies, ministries, etc.

Throughout her career, Prof. Havranek has been spreading awareness on the importance of contemporary developments in the area of higher education and science. In the period between , Prof. She brings together various activities in the area of science and higher education, quality assurance in higher education and science.

Luigi Tedone obtained the Agricultural Sciences degree with the maximum of the grades and praise in the academic year in the Bari University with a thesis related to the possibility of introduction of brassica species for industrial employment.

From he work in the university of Bari. It results qualified of a PhD course Mediterranean Agronomy XV cycle, studying the following thematic: Early and Late Potato: influence of some cultural techniques on physiological and qualitative aspect of the production. Between and he effects a stage, still in the Scottish Crop Research Institute in Invergovrie, Dundee, Scotland, studying physiological aspect concerning the synthesis of the ascorbic acid in potato.

The main subject deeply is the main problem of field crops, whit particular attention on potato, durum wheat and officinal plants, studying several aspects related the influence of agronomic tools on the plant production. Her main research activity concerns the following fields of study: vegetables quality, with particular attention to nitrate accumulation in leafy vegetables; hydroponic cultivation of vegetables, ornamentals, and officinal plants; microgreens production; soil disinfection by means of environmental-friendly methods; characterization of ornamental crops; new ornamental crops; nursery production of turfgrass and vegetable crops; cultural media; biostimulants; urban agriculture.

He earned his M. About the hydraulic engineering, his areas of expertise include: hydraulic structures design, local scour at hydraulic structures, sediment transport in natural and artificial open channels, irrigation and drainage systems design.

He has been the project manager for operating in maintenance, repair and reconstruction of underground networks. Vamvukas scientific interests cover a wide spectrum of activities related to the beneficiation of solid fuels coal, biomass, organic residues and the new clean technologies for energy production.

She is the writer of over scientific publications, several students publications, two books "Clean use of coals. Low rank coal technologies" published by Ion publications and "Biomass, Bioenergy and the Environment" published by Tziolas publications and two book chapters relevant to the above mentioned subjects. She has been member of organizing and scientific committees for international conferences, she is member of scientific committees for energy, environment, biofuels and hydrogen, member of the Editorial Board of 13 scientific journals, member of the Board of Directors of the Greek Combustion Institute, member of the Regional Council of Research and Innovation, member of the Deanery Board of the Department of Mineral Resources Engineering etc.

He worked as deputy Director in institute 10 years. He became Associated Professor in JuneHe has organized many plant breeding, statistical analysis and experimental designs, and five International conferences and symposium. He has served in scientific committee of many international symposiums and conferences until today.

He serves also as editor and referee of some scientific journals and attended many congresses, conferences and meetings as invited speakers. He published more than papers in scientific journals, conferences, book chapters, etc. She received her PhD in seafood processing technology.

Her research activities and subjects of investigation are on fish processing technology, seafood quality, seafood safety, seafood preservation. She has published various articles and books on seafood issues.

She has served as the Dean of Fisheries FacultyShe is currently head of Fish Processing Department. She has various international activities. She also participated to various international conferences as speaker and chair.

She teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. She also supervised several master and PhD students. Yasser M Shabana Prof. Honored several awards e.Co-inventor of two United States Patents. Member or ex-member of 18 professional societies and in technical committees of USA societies e. He has been awarded his postgraduate and his master degrees in Business Economics and Management from the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania M.

He has been awarded his Ph. He has been actively and effectively engaged in many development projects sinceProjects funded and implemented by several agencies and organizations. College Mathura. Ambedkar Univ. Engaged in teaching and Research since July Dr. Sharma is having teaching and research experience of more than 48 years and has guided 15 PhD scholars on various aspects of environmental pollution and stress physiology with special reference to crops of agricultural importance.

He holds fellowship and position of responsibility in various National and International Professional Societies.

Latest Articles

We can help you reset your password using the email address linked to your BioOne Complete account. Published since , this bimonthly journal contains new research on all aspects of plant science relevant to continental climate agriculture, including plant production and management grain, forage, industrial, and alternative crops , horticulture fruit, vegetable, ornamental, greenhouse, and alternative crops , and pest management entomology, plant pathology, and weed science. Cross-disciplinary research in the application of technology, plant breeding, genetics, physiology, biotechnology, microbiology, soil management, economics, meteorology, post-harvest biology, and plant production systems is also published. Research that makes a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge of crop, horticulture, and weed sciences e.

Source: Horticulture, environment and biotechnology v no.3 pp. We suggest preparation of a guideline for DNA deposit and profiling of the.

History, scope and development of biotechnology

The Author ensures that the research has been conducted responsibly and ethically with adherence to all relevant regulations. Orthopedic Research Online Journal. Annals of Chemical Science Research. Academic Journal of Engineering Studies. Join as Editor. Join as Associate Editor. FAQ's Blog. Toggle navigation Crimson Publishers.

Horticulture Environment and Biotechnology

The overall aim of the journal is to promote the professional development of its readers, researchers and scientists around the world. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research is peer-reviewed journal and has gained recognition for its high standard in the academic world. It publishes original research articles by eminent scientists on all aspects of plant and soil science. The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for the scientific community to publish their research findings and also to open new vistas for further research. The journal is being covered under international indexing and abstracting services.

Other Policies.

Crimson Journals

Publication certificate will be provided to author. Rapid publication process. Reasonable publication Fee. Immediate Acknowledgement to author after article accepted for peer review. High visibility of published work.

International Journal of Horticulture, Agriculture and Food science

Received manuscripts are subjected to rigorous review. Manuscripts are published based on the approval from at least two reviewers followed by the editor in chief. Submit your manuscript at www. The practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products. Agricultural biotechnology is a collection of scientific techniques used to improve plants, animals and microorganisms.

Agriculture Journal IJOEAR is an open access international journal to publish the Research Articles of agriculture and Environment.

The mission of International Journal of Advanced Research in Biological Sciences is to significantly broaden the knowledge base of its readers and in this sense; the journal shall focus on only those papers that fall within its scope. The scope of the journal encompasses research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in the fields of Biological Sciences, and Agricultural sciences and Medical sciences and other fields of basic and applied sciences. The Journal invites original Research papers, review articles, case reports and short communications that are not published or not being considered for publication.

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Journal of Forestry, Wildlife and Horticulture, ISSN: is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides rapid publication monthly. The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. Papers will be published shortly after acceptance. Journal of Forestry Wildlife and Horticulture is an open access journal.

Contact the journal.

Agriculture involves rearing and cultivation of animals, plants, fungi and other edible items to suffice for the food requirements of animals and humans. On the other hand, aquaculture corresponds to the farming of fishes, crustaceans, aquatic plants and algae in controlled fresh water and marine water bodies. Agricultural and aqua-cultural research encompasses the study and application of basic concepts and technological inventions in the field of agronomy, plant breeding, application of pesticides, fertilizers and other agrochemicals, fish farming, algaculture, aquaponics, commercial fishing and mariculture.The contemporary research practices in the field of agriculture and aquaculture specifically highlights selective breeding, animal welfare, isolation and clinical applications of in vivo generated antibiotics and growth hormones and genetically modified food items. Our Services Advertise with us Reprints and permissions. Share this page. Loading Please wait..

Open Access: Unrestricted visibility to the readers. Authors can submit their manuscripts through online and the whole review process is being processed here with the help of Journal Editors and Reviewers. For any kind of queries, please contact us at contact fortunejournals. Published On: Authors: Guillermo E.


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